Egg dumplings with almond sauce

I return to the load with another recipe for meatballs. As you will see, I have published a few recipes, which is that at home they like it a lot. These were not going to be less, we have loved.
I leave the recipe in case you want to do them.

Egg dumplings with almond sauce

7 eggs
100 gr . of bread crumbs
A clove of garlic

For the sauce

An onion
A tomato
50 gr. of almonds
A head of garlic
A glass of white wine
400 ml. of fish broth
Olive oil

Cook five eggs and chop them well.
Beat the remaining two eggs, add the parsley, garlic, parsley and peppermint, finely chopped, hard boiled eggs and salt.
Mix well and make small meatballs, flour and fry in hot oil. We take out and let drain on kitchen paper.
Now we prepare the sauce.
We make a sauce with onion and tomato oil and fry the garlic apart.
We add a mixture of almonds, fried garlic, parsley and white wine .
We add the fish broth, we crush everything and we go through the Chinese.
We incorporate the meatballs, season them to the taste, and let them cook for a few minutes

Source: The kitchen of the monastery of Antxon Urrosolo

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